This bundle is you need for your home gym !

USA Limited Edition

open, setup and start training

Over 100 Workout Exercises in one machine.

The most flexible home gym equipment. From low-impact workout to bodybuilding.

We Support Home Gym Personal Trainers

GR8FLEX Total Performance Gym

No Tools Needed.

Out of the box Immediately Usable with Simple Folding Mechanism

Simplify Your Life: Intelligent Design with Built-in Wheels and Vertical / Horizontal Storage Options

1 sec Adjustable Dumbbells

GR8 Bundle : FREE pair of GR8FLEX Adjustable Dumbbells ($799 value) with a purchase of GR8FLEX Total Performance Gym.

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All-In-One Home Gym

Discover the Perfect Workout Routine for Every Fitness Level, from High Intensity Weight Training to Pilates for Beginners and Athletes.

Trusted by Physiotherapy Clinics Worldwide for Effective Rehab & Therapy Programs.

Suitable for Seniors looking to Improve Strength & Mobility with Low-Impact Workouts.