open, setup and start training

Over 100 Workout Exercises in one machine.

GR8FLEX is Affordable with 8 Fitness Accessories included.

The most flexible home gym equipment. From low-impact workout to bodybuilding.

Part of your family activities 🏡

A gym that works with your schedule & personal goals.

We Support Home Gym Personal Trainers

GR8FLEX Total Performance Gym

No Tools Needed.

Easy Folding & Unfolding. Moving around with built-in wheels.

Can be stored Vertically against the wall or Horizontally on the ground. Space Saver!

All-In-One Home Gym

From High Intensity Weight Training to Pilates for Beginners to Athletes. 

Trusted by Physiotherapy Clinics to do Rehab & Therapy. Suitable for Seniors doing Low-Impact Workout to Regain Strenght & Mobility