Knowing exactly how to use gym equipment can be very beneficial as it saves time and energy while avoiding all the possible pitfalls. In the discussion of how to use gym equipment for beginners, it’s a good idea to establish a few rules and guidelines rather than instruction on every single piece of equipment. There are hundreds if not thousands of gym equipment out there and it would take more time to know how to use them before you can get any work done. 

Knowing how to use gym equipment for beginners:

Purpose first:

Every piece of equipment in the gym has a purpose. Whether it be a barbell, machine, or even resistance bands. Understand the purpose behind the equipment first in order to properly execute the movement. Always start with the end goal in mind. For instance, the goal of a pendulum squat is to allow your legs to go through a greater range of motion without putting the knee at risk. Therefore, it would be foolish to cut out the range of motion in half.

Scale-up accordingly:

Always start the movement with the lowest weight possible. This will give you an idea of how the movement will go and it will also give you a trial on how to start and end the set safely.

Read the label:

Every reliable machine should come with a label on the equipment which shows a few key notions on the exercise. It defines the muscles that will be targeted as well as how to safely execute the exercise.

Using the right piece of equipment:

It can be overwhelming when trying to find the right piece of equipment for you. Most people will end up spending tens of thousands of dollars for lots of equipment. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need a lot of equipment, what you do need is a reliable piece of equipment. The GR8FLEX is the perfect solution since it offers a lot of variety in terms of the exercise selection that you can do. Moreover, you don’t have to learn how to use the equipment every time you do a new exercise. Everything is explained in the comprehensive guide that comes with the GR8FLEX.

Guidelines on how to use gym equipment for beginners:

Watch people do it first:

You can do this by either looking at how people in the gym are using the equipment or simply searching it online. It’s a good idea to see how it’s done before you attempt the exercise.

Adjust the equipment for your body:

Every machine should come with adjustable seats which accommodate your body. Not everyone has the same proportions so make sure that you use the appropriate height for each piece of equipment in the gym that fits your body.

Be considerate of the gym equipment:

It’s a good idea to always lower the weight carefully and never slam any piece of equipment. This not only reduces the chances of injury but also protects the equipment for other trainees.

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