A goblet squat is a great lower-body exercise the requires you to hold a weight in front of your chest to perform the squat. The benefits of a goblet squat are vast, making it great for both beginners and experts alike.


While goblet squats can be executed without heels elevated, heel elevated goblet squats prove to be much more effective for quad activation, posture, and ease of execution for those with less ankle mobility. 


  1. Heel-Elevated Bodyweight Goblet Squat


A great entry-level movement for those not yet prepared to introduce weights to the workout.


  1. Heel-Elevated Banded Goblet Squat 


For those still not prepared to introduce weights still looking to increase the difficulty level, heels elevated goblet squat with a resistance band is a great option.


  1. Heel-Elevated Kettlebell Goblet Squat


If you want to introduce weights to the goblet squat, using a kettlebell or dumbbell is the likely option.


  1. Heel-Elevated Goblet Split Squat


To increase the difficulty level, perform it unilaterally, otherwise known as a goblet split squat. 


  1. Heel-Elevated Landmine Goblet Squat


Finally, the heels elevated goblet squat using a landmine is another variation of a weighted goblet squat.

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